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After many years of the NRVGA Championships being hosted by Byron Bay Veteran Golf Club, it was decided at the NRVGA AGM in 2013 to charge the Executive to come up with some alternative Courses on which to play our Championships.

The Executive chose four Courses that were central to our 17 Clubs and whose Slope Rating was similar, on which to play the Championships. Each of the Clubs were written to, and asked if they were willing to host the Championships on a rotational basis. At the Half Yearly Meeting in 2014, the four Host Clubs were declared and a ballot done for the rotation.

The Championships are to be played and hosted by the Veteran Club at:
Ballina …. 2015
Casino … 2016
Ocean Shores … 2017
Byron Bay … 2018
Ballina … 2019
Casino … 2020 … held on Monday 2 November … See RESULTS … now  COMPLETED

NOTE: To be read in conjunction with Article 18 of NRVGA Constitution
1. In conjunction with the Stroke and Nett Championship, there will be a Single Stableford Event run which will provide a Winner and Runner-Up. Eligibility for the Championships – Stroke and Single Stableford Entry – is “to have played in 3 Veteran Open Days throughout the year’s program“. This will be strictly observed.

2. There will also be the Final of the two 4BBB Qualifying Events, played between the teams who qualify at Mullumbimby Vets Open Day and Lismore Vets Open Day. Both members of the 4Ball Team MUST be Veteran members of the same Veteran Club. There will be no substituting of players once qualification to the Final has been determined. Again, eligibility for the 4BBB Championships is “to have played in 3 Veteran Open Days throughout the year’s program“. This will be strictly observed.

3. Individuals can only win ONE trophy.
The order of precedence (which also carries monetary value) for the Championships is:
Stroke Championship Winner               Prize Money    $100.00             Voucher + Shirt
Stroke Championship Runner-Up         Prize Money    $80.00             Voucher + Shirt
Nett Championship Winner                   Prize Money    $70.00             Voucher + Shirt
Nett Championship Runner-Up            Prize Money    $50.00             Voucher + Shirt
4BBB Championship Winners               Prize Money    $50.00 each    Vouchers + Shirts
4BBB Championship Runners-Up         Prize Money    $40.00 each    Vouchers + Shirts
Stableford Winner                                    Prize Money    $40.00             Voucher + Shirt
Stableford Runner-Up                             Prize Money    $30.00             Voucher + Shirt

The 2021 NRVGA Championships will be hosted by Ocean Shores Veterans on a date to be set at the 2020 AGM.

Championship : 18 hole Stroke- Gross and Net Champions and Stableford Championship Event … 4 BBB Championship- Qualifiers from Mullumbimby & Lismore Vets Open Day

Eligibility : Must have played a MINIMUM of 3 Open Days to play in any of the above Championships

SEE RESULTS for 2020 NRVGA Championships … Follow this Link