Veteran Medal Winners

Medals.jpgNSWVGA and NRVGA Veteran Medals

In 2015, the NSWVGA initiated the striking of a Medal, plus a Cheque for $50.00, available to each Member Group of the Association. The NRVGA Executive, at the time, discussed this gesture and decided to incorporate it into out Veteran Open Day program. The Veteran who accumulated the most points would receive the Medal. The Executive also decided to strike another medal – the NRVGA Medal, plus a Cheque for $30.00, for Runner-Up in that award.

Every Veteran who plays in each of our Open Day receives 3 Points for participation. Points are also awarded on a 10-8-6-4-2 basis for the first 5 placegetters. in each field played on the day. These points acknowledge “participation”, “ability” and “consistency”. The Secretary will keep a Register of each Vets Open Day tabling points for participation and ability.

At the conclusion of the Vets Open Day program for the year, the Secretary will be able to announce the Winner of the NSWVGA and NRVGA VETERANS Medals. These will be awarded at the Presentation of our NRVGA Championships.

2019 Winner of NSWVGA Medal  Rod Wade (Ocean Shores Veterans)
Rod being presented with NSWVGA Medal 

2019 Runner-Up of NRVGA Medal  John Lowe (Lismore Veterans)
John being presented with NRVGA Runner Up Medal

2018 Winner of NSWVGA Medal  Theo Sheppard (Maclean Veterans) 
2018 Runner-Up of NRVGA Medal  Peter Evans (Ballina Veterans)

2017 Winner of NSWVGA Medal  Paul Giles (Lismore Veterans)
2017 Runner-Up of NRVGA Medal  John Lowe (Lismore Veterans)

2016 Winner of NSWVGA Medal  John Lowe (Lismore Veterans)
2016 Runner-Up of NRVGA Medal  Cliff Clothier (Murwillumbah Veterans)

2015 Winner of NSWVGA Medal  John Lowe (Lismore Veterans)
2015 Runner-Up of NRVGA Medal  Noel Bell (Lismore Veterans)