NSWVGA Response to CO-VID 19 – No 5

Posted on: 2 July

With social distancing restrictions under Covid-19 being relaxed some Tournament Directors and Clubs have indicated they are in a position to proceed with programmed Weeks of Golf. The NSWVGA Executive Council are pleased to advise that they give their support and blessings to all Tournament Directors that decide to proceed with programmed events after 1 July 2020.

Some Weeks of Golf that were cancelled earlier in the year have been rescheduled for later this year.  See the 2020 Program for the new dates.

Ian Vidler
President NSWVGA

NSWVGA Assistance to Members

Posted on: 2 July

NSWVGA Executive Council have discussed what can be done to assist Veteran Members of the Association during 2020 regarding 2 tournaments at the beginning of the year were totally washed out and numerous tournaments that have been cancelled due to Covid-19 social distancing regulations.

The Executive Council have now approved the following gestures of support:


In a gesture of appreciation, it has been approved by NSWVGA Executive Council to allocate a “one-off” amount of $300 to Tournament Directors of NSWVGA Weeks of Golf which were cancelled as a result of an earlier decision by NSWVGA to cancel all Weeks of Golf held under its auspices prior to 4 September 2020 or a Week of Golf that was cancelled due to severe weather conditions.

These grants are given in recognition of the time and effort provided by the many volunteers and Tournament Directors who donate many hours to ensure the success of the many Weeks of Golf in NSW. The grant is conditional in that it must be used for the benefit of NSWVGA members only, whether that be at club or Group level.


The Grassroots Prize scheme provides prizes for member competitions at the Club and District level. The individual clubs or districts decide on the form and timing of the competitions.  Over 400 vouchers having already been provided across the State this year, with a total value in excess of $10,000.

As a further gesture the NSWVGA Executive Council have approved a duplication of the Grassroots Prize Scheme for 2020 bringing the total vouchers disbursed to over 800 with a total cost in excess of $20,000.

Les Knox
Vice President NSWVGA

NSWVGA Response to CO-VID 19     

No 4 … 9 May 2020

While PM Scott Morrison’s report on his exit strategy out of lockdown on Friday 8 May 2020 gave some hope of sport returning to “normal” within the next three months, there needs to be several changes to the current restrictions in NSW before the NSWVGA Week of Golf Programme resumes. These are: (in random order)

  • Caravan Parks will need to be fully operational.
  • Golf Clubs, (Club Houses) will need to be open and functioning to the point where they can accommodate the number of players expected at these events.
  • Golf Course staff should have time to prepare courses for visitors.
  • Golfers need to be able to play in groups of 4.
  • Travel will need to be unlimited, especially for over 70s.

Until these restrictions are eased to the point where CEOs and Boards of Directors of Golf Clubs are confident a Week of Golf event is safe and viable the Programme cannot resume.

Therefore, NSWVGA Executive Council wishes to advise that until the current restrictions are lifted and Golf Clubs are prepared to accept Weeks of Golf, its position remains unchanged.

“All Weeks of Golf conducted under the auspices of NSWVGA are cancelled until 4 September or until further notice.”

This decision will be reviewed should NSW Government ease restrictions.

In the meantime it is the hope of NSWVGA Executive Council that all members continue to follow the safe practices suggested by Dept of Health, keep exercising and enjoy the golf you are able to play.  Stay safe and healthy.

Ian Vidler       President NSWVGA

NSWVGA Response to COVID – 19   No 3

Week of Golf Cancellations as at 30/03/20 … Narrabri, Moree, Rich River, Uralla, Tumut/Gundagai, Cootamundra, NSWVGA Mixed 4BBB Sandgreen Championships Grenfell, Forbes, Tenterfield, Casino, Bucketts Way, Great Lakes, NSWVGA Match Play Nelson Bay, Lake Macquarie, Nambucca Heads, Maclean, Murwillumbah, Eurobodalla, South West Rocks, Wauchope.

Undecided: Sapphire Coast, Coolangatta/Tweed, Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, Sawtell. 

As a result of these cancellations and the recent Government announcements NSWVGA Executive Council has decided that “all events conducted under the auspices of NSWVGA be cancelled until 4 September 2020.” This decision will be reviewed on a monthly basis beginning 30 April 2020.
The following events have been cancelled for 2020:

  • NSWVGA Medal Final and NSWVGA Medley 4BBB Final at Port Macquarie,
  • 4BBB Sandgreens at Narromine,
  • Mixed 4BBB Sandgreens at Grenfell,
  • Mixed 4BBB at Tenterfield.
  • Match Play set down for June has been postponed to a date to be decided in December.

The Executive Council and Tournament Directors have taken the following into account when making decisions:

  • Caravan Parks are closed.
  • Veterans over 70 are in the most “at risk” category.
  • Non essential travel has been discouraged.
  • Most supporting sponsors (businesses) are closed
  • Green staff have been reduced and therefore courses can not be presented in best condition.
  • Government restrictions make the important social aspect of veterans golf impossible.
  • The future health and welfare of all veteran golfers.

Ian Vidler
President NSWVGA

NSWVGA Response to COVID – 19 No 2

This has been republished from NSWVGA Website

Monday 23/03/20 (received 855pm)

NSWVGA has taken the decision, in the spirit of the Government announcement of Sunday night, to suspend all Weeks of Golf held under the auspices of NSWVGA until further notice. It would be irresponsible, under the non- essential travel restrictions, to allow these events to continue when the health and welfare of members could be compromised.

In the coming months I urge all members and spouses/partners to closely follow Government announcements, observe the rules as defined, look after your personal hygiene and your health. There will be a time in the future when our programme can resume and I look forward to seeing and hearing of a full complement of veterans back playing golf.

Good Health

Ian Vidler

President NSWVGA
23 March 2020

30 Mar 2020 | Clubs & Facilities

Australian golf clubs advised to close

by Golf Australia

Golf Australia has advised all Australian golf clubs and facilities to close until further notice.

Golf Australia chairman Andrew Newbold said the recommendation was based on the Prime Minister’s announcement on Sunday evening (29 March) that limits outdoor gatherings to two persons or fewer.

The Prime Minister said all Australians should stay at home except for:

• Shopping for essentials • Medical purposes • Exercise • Work and education, if you cannot work or learn remotely

Some Premiers and Chief Ministers have already supported this view and reinforced to their residents that this advice should be followed. It is expected that states/territories will all take this position in coming days.

Newbold said government messaging had been clear on what constituted exercise and while golf is used as exercise for many, it was clear golf did not fall within those parameters in the past 24 hours.

“Golf Australia acknowledges that some state and territory governments will provide additional information and we will keep you up to date as and when additional state and territory-based announcements are made so you are clear on the legalities of golf courses and their operations moving forward,” Newbold said.

“While this is a difficult time for the golf industry and wider society, Golf Australia is committed to working with clubs and facilities across the states and territories to ensure that we return a vibrant, strong industry.”

Golf Australia has also, in conjunction with the Australian Sports Turf Management Association, Golf NSW and Golf WA begun to lobby both Federal and state governments to ensure that – in the event of a further increase in restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 – course staff will be able to continue to access clubs and facilities.

“We will keep you all up to date as to the status of these discussions, although it should be noted that as of now there are no further restrictions on current greenkeeping operations,” Newbold said.

Golf Australia

30 March 2020

This information below has come from …

Monday 23 March 2020 …

New South Wales

The information for NSW comes from government and law enforcement officials.

While your clubhouse operations must be closed for normal business, golfing activities can and should continue. Of course, golfers should exhibit a heightened awareness of personal hygiene and adhere to social distancing guidelines, as has been encouraged by state and federal health departments.

NSWVGA Response to COVID – 19 No 1

This has been republished from NSWVGA Website

The NSWVGA Executive is aware of the crisis associated with the coronavirus. The following steps have been taken since Sunday, keeping in mind the welfare of its members who are participating in Weeks of Golf on the Murray River and in the North West of the state.

  • Tournament Directors at Tocumwal, Rich River, Tamworth, Narrabri and Moree were alerted to a statement issued by the PGA of Australia which warned of the problems associated with large gatherings of people at Registrations and Presentation Dinners. The issue of playing golf was addressed with this activity given approval.
  • NSWVGA have been in contact with Golf NSW seeking assistance in our decision making.
  • Since then I have been in regular contact with Tournament Directors, sometimes several times a day, updating the ever-changing situation.
  • I have been speaking with retired GPs attending the tournaments on the Murray. They have agreed, as of Tuesday afternoon, that as long as players are following the personal hygiene guidelines, they are in some of the safest places in Australia.
  • Tuesday afternoon Rich River Tournament issued a statement reporting that the Registration will be cancelled and a decision on the Dinner to be made closer to the event.
  • I have received several calls from Tournament Directors seeking assistance in decision making and I have informed them that the final decision is to be made by each club and we would support that decision.
  • On Tuesday afternoon, Vice President Les Knox, Tournament Director of the NSWVGA Stroke Play Championship cancelled that event.
  • On Tuesday evening the NSWVGA meeting scheduled for the week after Easter at Bankstown Golf Club was cancelled.
  • On Wednesday afternoon I was informed that the Narrabri Week of Golf has been cancelled. This will have significant effect on the Moree event. The committee at Moree is meeting tomorrow and I expect to hear of the decision soon after.
  • Thursday morning I was informed that Moree has cancelled its Week of Golf. I have also received information that Tenterfield has cancelled its event, scheduled for 4 May, on a directive from the Golf Club CEO.

At this stage NSWVGA does not plan to cancel future weeks of golf unless there is a directive from Government or Health/ Medical sources. We are keeping a close watch on the situation as it is changing daily.

Rest assured that any decision taken will be done so with the interests of our members in mind.

Ian Vidler
President NSWVGA
19 March 2020

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